About DARE

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The idea of creating Dare Magazine has come to life in the early days of 2019 as a response to the untapped potential simmering in the emergent Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).

Before our very eyes, scientists, entrepreneurs and startupers from the combined population of 162m from 17 countries are spearheading the revolution of innovation of the 21st century.

Dare is here to find CEE heroes and bring their stories to global attention. To connect them and form a think-tank community ready to create networks of value.

We are Dare.


We are curious how innovations are shaping the world around us and fascinated by social changes taking place before our eyes. Our articles uncover amazing case studies of entrepreneurship and creativity from CEE.

During your time here, you’ll be reading about world changers, whose names have been known only to a small group of nerds and innovations that no one has ever written about in English.


We want to bring communities of like-minded people together through the values, stories and interests they share. You are invited to join us!

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Let’s shape the future together!